About Us

Baba Lokenath Supply Agency formed in the year 2005 and one of the leaders in its sphere of operation. Company is known for it's persistent effort to maintain high standard of it's products such as all variety of Hand Knitting Needles from India. The technical and management framework, collective knowledge and experience enabled it to attract and retain the best. Our team of professionals have been able to position itself at the pinnacle in its sphere of operation.

Our Product Range

We are one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of Hand Knitting Needles including:-

  • Wooden & Bamboo Knitting Needles
  • Wooden & Bamboo Knitting Single Point Needles
  • Wooden & Bamboo Knitting Double Point Needles
  • Wooden & Bamboo Circular Needles
  • Wooden & Bamboo Crochet Hooks
  • Brass Circular Needles - Wooden Circular Needles
  • Needle Covers / Cases
  • Fabric Covers For Single Point Needle
  • Fabric Covers For Double Point Needle
  • Fabric Covers For Crochet Hook
  • Fabric Covers For Circular Needle
  • All type of black ebony knitting needles crotched hook shawl pin and circular needles
  • All Kinds of Pure Silk Hand Knitting Wools
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